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Vanylle Bertin vit et travaille dans le Haut Pays Grassois. Née en 1961 à Cannes, elle a toujours aimé dessiner. Elle découvre sa passion pour la peinture en 1986 en Martinique où elle a vécue quelques temps et étudie à son retour en France avec différents professeurs de l'Association des Beaux-arts de Cannes, Le Cannet, Grasse : le dessin, le modelage, la peinture et différentes techniques : aquarelle, acrylique, huile et pastel sec. Elle ne commence à exposer qu'en 1993 lors de manifestations artistiques collectives dans le Haut pays Niçois, Grasse, Cannes, Mouans-Sartoux.



"De ses doigts jaillissent couleur, douceur et lumière donnant forme aux mystères" tel sera le qualificatif de sa peinture de l'époque où ses créations en pastels prédominent sur son travail. Cette technique lui permet d'exprimer une lumière très particulière et particulièrement appréciée mais elle a aussi ses limites.

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Vanylle Bertin lives and works in the Haut Pays Grassois. Born in 1961 in Cannes, she always liked to draw. She discovered her passion for painting in 1986 in Martinique where she lived for some time and studied on her return in France with different professors of the Association of Fine Arts of Cannes, Le Cannet, Grasse: drawing, modeling, Painting and various techniques: watercolor, acrylic, oil and pastel dry. She did not begin exhibiting until 1993 during collective artistic events in the High country of Nice, Grasse, Cannes, Mouans-Sartoux.



"From his fingers gush color, softness and light giving shape to the mysteries" will be the qualifier of his painting of the time when his creations in pastels predominate on his work. This technique allows it to express a very particular and particularly appreciated light but it also has its limits.

It was around 1999 that she devoted herself to the mixed technique, oil and acrylic. In 1998 she opened a gallery workshop in Grasse, in the heart of the old town. This new life among Grasse artists, she totally appreciates it but not life in town: She leaves her studio around the year 2000 to continue her research in her home in the mountains of the Haut Pays Grassois: "I need nature And wilderness areas " Painting is for her a means of escape, expression and sharing. She likes to show in her paintings the truth and the mystery of life. Above the void, like a tightrope walker, she touches the sacred while living the present moment when each painting tells a new story. Her painting tends to the abstraction between the known and the unexpected. One would say that it seeks the truth of what surrounds it beyond what the eye perceives. His paintings plunge the observer into a universe abounding with life beyond matter. A thousand people seem to assemble consciously to make bodies, looks, figures, crowds, trees, flower beds, bark ... She loves that her paintings convey beauty, tenderness, truth, and that forms, colors, The matter speaks to him and awaken to several possible births. His painting evolves and the series succeed one another. Still in search, never satisfied, she still tries to paint the light, the emptiness, the great emptiness filled with everything ... The looks, the characters are no longer there or very discreet. Abstraction asserts itself and takes place with nature, wind, movement, sea, water, sky, space ...


Personal exhibitions: Permanent exhibition (a few years), in a restaurant of Guillaume, the Diligence Thorent (gallery workshop) Place de la Poissonnerie artists' district in Grasse (Atelier galerie) Espace Saint Honora in Grasse (Atelier galerie with two other artists) La Roquette Sur Siagne - Exhibition hall of the town hall (one month) Saint Vallier de Thiey - Chapel of Saint Esprit, 4 years in a row Saint Vallier de Thiey, during demonstrations of the commune Escragnolles Saint Pons Chapel and Cultural Events Hall Palais des Festival de Cannes - Exhibition room next to the Tourist Office

Group show: In the high country of Nice, of which Sainte Marie, Guillaume .. On Mouans-Sartoux (several exhibitions), Cannes, Mougins, Montauroux (several exhibitions), Cabris (several exhibitions), Saint Vallier de Thiey (in the meadow), Grasse (several exhibitions) Artémis art movement Grasse, Expo Rose and other events in Grasse Caussol (collective several times) Participation in 3 spectacles of Fantastic Art, interactive and multi-sensory, Espace Saint Honora and Palais des Congrés in Grasse. Castle of Castellaras in Mougins. Saint Esprit Chapel of Saint-Vallier de Thiey, every year since 2006 Escragnolles (3 exhibitions) Espace Culturel in Grasse (collective)

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La peinture est depuis de nombreuses années le but de sa vie, elle s'est imposée à cet artiste comme un moyen d’expression très personnel. Après quelques temps de recherches et d'études elle entre enfin dans le monde de l'art.

Certains de ses tableaux sont abstraits mais elle excelle aussi dans le personnage et le portrait.

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Vanylle Bertin et sa peinture, découvrir ses galeries.

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Vanylle Bertin expose depuis de nombreuses années.

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The painting has for many years the object of his life, she won this artist as a means of expressing very personal. After some time of research and studies she finally enters the world of art.
Some of his paintings are abstract but also excels in the figure and portraiture.

Words do not fail to set the painting of his masterpieces, lyrical, sensitive, her work touches the sacred. What attracts, it is the looks of these many characters, they seem to reflect their soul, sometimes killed, sometimes warriors, always expressive and alive.

In his pictorial work this year, he takes us towards greater transparency with pastel colors and blending harmoniously abstract and figurative.

Painting is also a means of escape, expression and sharing: "I like my paintings to convey the beautiful sweet the tender, truth, hope, mystery and the latest hope for I n 't trouble again: the great void "

His abstract art ranks somewhat apart because it I think, the privilege can capture an emotion at a given time and often keeps a mysterious side like his painting elsewhere.

"Abstract art was for me very difficult at first because my eyes were irresistibly turned to the known. Now I can say that I enjoy playing with shapes that are installed on the web. What I like most in this abstract research is the unexpected. Indeed, the failure to decide in advance what will become his work is very rich, I learn to trust me, to look and feel same time what is happening outside and inside of me again experience the present moment is important: we can not be anywhere but here and there or else nothing can be built. I'm still facing a void that I have to accept without fear as a tightrope walker on its wire: a gap and everything collapses. "

I invite you to see my painting in all its forms and years ....